Projects by Philatelists for Philatelists

Our Commitment

Professional philatelists and passionate collectors are united in their love for the subject, their expert view, and their thirst for knowledge. In their curiosity and interest in both the past and the present. In their search for the (still) unknown. In their urge to explore and their passion for hunting. Every stamp, every cover is a small-scale witness to history. Added to this, it has its own story – as unique as a fingerprint.

We, too, are part of this fascinating history of philately. That is why we want to pass on this passion for our hobby and vocation, this enormous treasure of know-how and experience to future generations. It is with great commitment that we develop projects aimed at promoting research and sharing knowledge. We consider this not a mere obligation but a pleasure!

Every stamp has a story to tell – our common passion is as wide-ranging as these stories.

Christoph Gärtner
International Philatelic Promotion Award

The C.G. Award

Our C.G. Award has been created to promote research and to preserve knowledge in the field of philately. Since 2013, we have presented this prize once a year. An international jury evaluates print media, digital media, and the promotion of young talents.

Study groups, clubs, associations, federations, and publishers of philatelic journals and newsletters who publish at least one periodical per calendar year are invited to take part in the worldwide competition.

Being on the Ball with Cool Stamps

”A Yen for Stamps”

In Advent 2010, the Gärtner family talked about how to get children interested in philately in the long term. This was the birth of our popular “Stamp Starter Sets”.

For 10 years now, the Gärtner company has been providing schools, clubs, and other educational institutions throughout Germany with these philatelic “boxes for beginners” free of charge. Under the patronage of 18-times World Chess Champion and enthusiastic stamp collector Anatoly Karpov, more than 40 million stamps have been donated. That equals a catalog value of €30 million!

Each starter set comprises 8,000 to 10,000 stamps covering a wide array of topics, such as soccer, animals, Olympics, sports, or astrophilately. To date, far more than 4,000 of these starter sets have been given away nationwide. In order to enable the children to get started with their new hobby right away, obviously the matching accessories – catalogs, stock books, magnifying glasses, and tweezers – are also included!

Philately makes it easy to familiarize people with topics of interest. Youth work and education as well as research and promotion are particularly close to our heart.

Dr. Volker Schilling, Chief Philatelist

Phila Butler

You want to give the design of your album or exhibition a personal touch? Showcase your philatelic treasures in the best possible light? Then we recommend Phila Butler. Using this software, you become the designer of your own presentation. Just download the full version for free from the website of the provider.