Unique Archives of Outstanding Value

Our Treasure of Knowledge

Several tens of thousands of reference books and philatelic catalogs are stored in a total of seven rooms, accessed by our specialists in processing the objects consigned. Adding to this, online resources and the company’s own database make certain that the evaluations are always up-to-date and in line with current market developments. Naturally, archives are also indispensable for doing reliable and thorough research. In compressed form, they are a literal treasure trove of knowledge and contribute to a perfect processing of the material.

Our Philatelic Archives

Our experts are fortunate enough to draw on a unique pool of important archives, libraries, and reference collections, some of which we make available to philatelists from all over the world for research purposes:


  • The Higgins & Gage archive (2006)

  • The archive of the Fournier printing company (2007)

  • Parts of the UN archives with thousands of unique items (2007)

  • The complete Jakubek archive including all expertizing documents (2018)


  • The complete Holcombe Library including reference collections of most countries (2012)

  • The H.R. Harmers Library and archive whose origins date back to 1918 (2015)

Knowledge is a treasure that accompanies its owner everywhere.

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