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Order now: "The 'queen' of Saar stamps..."

100 years ago, a shortage of stamps in the Saar region and some special events resulted in a philatelic rarity, the "20 Mark SARRE".

This "queen" of Saar stamps fascinated collectors, kept experts busy and raised auction prices. The authors Axel Braun, Jean Luc Klein and Pascal Scheller describe the exciting history of this stamp, of which only 15 examples exist.

The book "Die 'Königin' der Saarbriefmarken 1920-2020 – 100 years of the legendary 20 Mark SARRE" has been published in the summer of 2020 and is written in three languages - German, English, French.

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The opened book "Die 'Königin' der Saarbriefmarken 1920-2020..." gives a first insight

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